He was born in July 1979 in Tehran. His family had loved art. He loved painting since childhood, and most of his time accompanied father, who was one of the artists of his time, to learn painting was spent. After finishing high school in 1996 and receiving his diploma in mathematics, by encourage of his father, he educated in visual arts and enter with an undergraduate degree in Art. He was also very active in the field of graphics in addition he has a large number of posters, logos, books, etc. on his resume. In these years, in addition to teaching, he was not separated from art so he has held exhibitions of paintings many times. His fourth Exhibition due to the choice a particular subject, became popular, That's why his exhibition was repeated, of course with new works. In 2009 he won the top position in the design of the Quranic verses. He tried to paint his dreams, so he invented a new style in painting that was named “Blast”.